Summer Program


The Minding Our Business Summer Program (MOBSP) will allow students from grade 6th through 8th grade to run their own business, during the summer. You keep the profits! The program will involve training in starting and running a business; 3 Market Fairs; 3 Business Coaching Sessions; 2 visits to Colonial Lanes, 2 field trips to New York City’s Wholesale District, 2 trips to the Columbus Farmers Market, 1 visit to Dorney Park in July and 1 visit to Coco Keys Park at the end of the summer. The training in entrepreneurship will be at Rider University for 4 weeks. You will also participate in career planning activities, workshops, play games, and use Rider’s recreational facilities. You will receive $150 so that you can buy merchandise to run your business.


Training at Rider University from June 27th to July 27th (transportation provided). Students will practice what they learned by running their businesses from July 9th to August 16th.

Your Commitment

As a participant in the Minding Our Business Summer Program you will:

• Make a commitment to attend the entrepreneurship training at Rider University from June 27th to July 27th from 8AM-4PM (transportation from Trenton and snacks and lunch will be provided by the program).

• Make a commitment to practice learning by running a business at scheduled events from July 7th to August 13th.

• Attend the Orientation Session at Crown Plaza Hotel in Princeton on Sunday, June 26 from 3PM-5PM (dinner and transportation from Trenton will be provided by the program).

• Attend all 3 Summer Market Fairs.

• Attend all 3 evening Business-Coaching Sessions.

• Observe the program ground rules for responsible behavior.

Rewards for Effort and Responsible Behavior

If you attend these events and observe by the program ground rules for responsible behavior, you will be allowed to participate in the following activities:

• Bowling trips to Colonial Lanes

• Field trips To New York City’s Wholesale District

• 2 Field Trips to the Columbus Farmers Market

• A Fun Field Trip to Dorney Park & Water Kingdom in July

• A Fun Field Trip to Coco Keys Park in August

You Want to Join One of the Best Summer Programs in the Country!!!

The Summer Program has been recognized by the National Center for Summer Learning as one of the top programs’ in the country in terms of summer learning excellence!


Dr. Sigfredo A. Hernandez & Kevin W. Wortham
Founder / Co-Founder & Executive Director
Tel. 609-895-5509 Cell: 609.731.9311

Instructions for Submitting Your MOB Summer Application

Summer Program Application 2016

MOB Scholarship Availability 2016

The deadline for submitting applications for the 2016 MOB Summer Program is May 31st.

Do not send money with your application. Financial aid is available. Please call 609-895-5509 or 609-731-9311 for more information.

Make sure that the application, the letter of reference from a teacher, and the scholarship form are submitted together. You can submit them by e-mail, by fax or e-mail.

By E-mail:

By Fax: 609-896-5304 (Attention Dr. Hernandez)

By Mail: Minding Our Business, 2083 Lawrenceville Rd, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648